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Carlo e Camilla in Segheria, is the new design restaurant of celebrated Italian chef Carlo Cracco, together with Tanja Solci and Nicola Fanti.

Housed in an old former factory (it was a sawmill that is “segheria” in Italian) in Milan, the space has preserved all its industrial character and been turned it into a stylish design.

The old building is owned by Tanja Salci who has involved Chef Cracco to create there a new convivial culinary-concept, with the help of restaurateur Nicola Fanti, the owner of “Da Oreste”, a well-known osteria in Sant’Arcangelo di Romagna. The decor has been treated by Tanja Solci herself, who has restored the charming industrial heritage of the space, such as concrete floor, original scraped walls, very high timber ceiling and iron windows, and enhanced it with stylish and eclectic furnishing and lighting: there are no single tables yet two 30-meters long white cedar-wood tables (making the feel even more convivial) , surrounded by 70 contemporary chairs by Cappellini and illuminated by 4 different, big and old, beautiful chandeliers. The tables are set with exquisite out-of-production Richard Ginori chinaware that makes the vibe even more stylish and relaxed as the mise en place is not uniform because of the plates, all different from each other.

The result of her work on the interior is an industrial-chic style, dramatic, retro and contemporary at the same time, informal but refined, a little bit bohemian, definitely impressive due to the effects of indirect lighting from the big crystal chandeliers hanging by the very high ceiling, that however are off yet illuminated in turn by other theatrical lights; so distributing light and shadow harmonically and dramatically.

The kitchen is entrusted to Emanuele Pollini (well known as he was a sous-chef at Clooney, Auckland) and Simone Gobbi while the bartender is Filippo Sisti (he was the former barman at Four Seasons and Rita) who created an amazing cocktail list.

The naming of the restaurant is ironic of course : “Carlo” is referred to chef Cracco but juxtaposed to the name “Camilla” it playfully alludes to British royal couple.

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